GRB Storage Systems and GSS introduces a new plastic locker bottom and shelf. Made from a durable polypropylene thermoplastic so they will NEVER rust.

Maintenance free. Easy to clean, and resistant against harsh chemicals.

The shelf has a collection trough running the length of the front of the shelf which serves the dual purpose.  When installed as a locker bottom, the trough will collect any water which may pool in the bottom of the shelf from melting snow on boots or other spills.  When installed as a locker shelf, the trough is ideal for containing pens, pencils, etc.

The shelf bottom is fully ribbed in both directions for superior strength.

The plastic shelf is available for 12”w x 15”dp and 12”w x 18”dp lockers.

The shelf is also available with a perforated bottom if ventilation or auto drainage is required.

Plastic upper shelves can be retrofit into existing installations.  Plastic locker bottoms available only for new installation.

Optional plastic tray can be used for locker bottoms in retrofit.